We are an organization of investment houses and universal banks bound by a common purpose of undertaking investment banking activities to promote Philippine economic growth and enhance the value of Philippine trade, commerce and industry.

We are committed to pursue our pre-eminent role in providing capital resources for business development and stability.

We shall provide a forum for continuous flow of information among our members, our customers and clients, the financial community and our regulatory agencies.

We shall promote improvements in the efficiency of our members' operations and the effectiveness of the services they render to their markets.

We commit to raise our manpower productivities to global standards through continuous professional training and development.

We commit to instill in our members the highest standards of integrity, morality and fairness in their professional acts.

We shall work closely with monetary policy making bodies to harmonize investment banking operation and policies with monetary and economic goals.

We shall cooperate with legislative, executive and other regulatory agencies in the formulation of laws, rules or regulations relating to investment banking.

We shall develop in our members professional respect for each other and encourage fair competition.

We shall continuously uphold our commitment to society by supporting the economic and social needs of the communities we operate in.

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